New Paint Jobs…

The following set of images represents the evidence of a recent bout of re-painting of previous work, the first time I’ve ever really engaged in such an endeavour but which, upon daily encounter with said objects, was deemed necessary in the light of subsequent developments.

Having recently returned to the subject/object matter of the whitewashed model pears as the field of painting practice, in the form the larger-scale compositions #28 and #29 which succeeded the departure of the series of six ‘Woodscapes’, those ‘White Pear’ works numbered #21 – #27, processed during February – April of last year, came to seem to be too dark in terms of the tone of their grounds, for whatever reason they had originally been (erroneously) rendered thus when painted from life and empirical observation. The earlier time of year, with its own particular natural light conditions, hardly seems to explain just how ‘wrong’ the paintings, and the contrasts between figures and grounds, appeared.

Thus, and in keeping with recent developments, have the grounds against which the objects appear been re-painted, as ever from direct observation transferred to canvas, comparatively significantly lighter in parts and less so in others, with adjustments also to the whitewashed pears as necessary, with the evidence presented below.

‘White Pears #21’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #21’ (2016)
‘White Pears #22’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #22’ (2016)
‘White Pears #23’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #23’ (2016)
‘White Pears #24’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/16″ x 20″
original ‘White Pears #24’ (2016)
‘White Pears #25’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #25’ (2016)
‘White Pears #26’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #26’ (2016)
‘White Pears #27’ (2016/17) oil on canvas/20″ x 16″
original ‘White Pears #27’ (2016)

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