Football in the Dark Ages

Venturing a bit onto Groundhog territory here, but an early evening dental appointment on Monday afforded the opportunity to capture a few arty dusk-hour images of the home of Coedpoeth United Football Club, namely the Penygelli playing fields up the hill towards the top of the village, which has extensive views over the conurbation of Wrexham and the surrounding environment, including the Cheshire plain (at the better part of 800ft above sea-level, it must be one of the more elevated football sites in north Wales).

Upon approaching across (or rather down the steep slope of) the car park, one is welcomed, bilingually, by the refreshment hut with the rather fabulous wedge-shaped form of the building housing what must be the changing facilities, etc (a bus stop nook is incorporated into the street side), just beyond. It’s not the most obvious from the crepuscular photos, but the club’s colours on the crest are yellow and green.



Then the view across the pitch and a fine sunset over the hills in the distance (the covered dug-outs are down the near-side touchline, failing to show up amidst the encroaching gloom of another image).



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