(Oil) On the Road


‘Double Black Lines/Double Black Cans’

oil on canvas/40″ x 30″/September 2016

At last, after the intention having percolated for the better part of eight years, a larger scale oil painting (that I’d always felt would be more fitting of the subject matter) of the ‘double black lines’ corrected road markings, with a most appropriately liveried pair of flattened aluminium cans, found gifts indeed, in situ. The ground, representing a tarmacked road surface, and the lines, various stages of Payne’s Grey upon Cadmium Yellows, being thickly textured to suggest the physicality, for all its relatively low relief, of such, whilst the cans are also sketchily painted in order to convey something of the fleeting and fugitive passage of light over their two distinct reflective surface finishes.

However, for all the wait, and the work of art, there’s felt something not quite right about either the whole process or, eventually, the result – not a waste of time, as these things never are, but not perhaps a direction to pursue.


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