Tarry, Tarry Night…


‘Roadscape With Can (Study) #2’

oil on canvas/20″ x 16″/August 2016

Presenting a couple of images of the second study of a found flattened aluminium can (observed from life) upon/embedded within a thickly painted ‘roadscape’ based generally upon photographic evidence of the legendary ‘double black lines’ corrective road markings formerly to be seen gracing the streets of Flint. With acknowledgement of such a compositional device and source (the archive of photographs of being considered to be ‘found paintings’ of a modernist idiom) but liberties then taken, the materiality of the oil paint itself and its application becomes the subject. In this instance, what was the original ‘flecking’ of paint relating to the appearance and substance of tarmac (the lighter grey tonal areas) came to be considered as being perhaps a little too decorative or ‘Impressionist’, thus the brush was dragged over these marks in a series of horizontal and vertical movements to create more of a (very) loose grid structure, resulting in something grungier, possibly more befitting the subject matter and the source material.



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