White Pears #26 (Going Further to de Waal)


White Pears #26  oil on canvas/16″ x 20″/April 2016

Here’s the latest painting off the easel, ploughing the familiar furrow and exploring that same Edmund de Waal-influenced compositional device of most recent development of placing some of the objects before and others behind a translucent screen (of  tracing paper), on this occasion weighting things three-two towards the latter. A little more than has been the case recently, the brushwork on both the ground and the ‘unfocussed’ pears is thicker/sketchier, more expressive of the materiality of the medium (paint as paint), more closely approaching the manner of the representation of those objects in front of the paper screen, those hand-finished remodelled pears that are observed and experienced as being palpably so.










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