White Pears #24 (Going to de Waal…)


‘White Pears #24’ oil on canvas/20″ x 16″/April 2016

Continuing with the project of actively contemplating the whitewashed re-modelled model pears as have been exclusively this year’s subject-object matter to date, placed upon a white horizontal surface (with another ‘framing’ above) and observed against a white vertical plane (subject to the fall of shadow upon), on this particular occasion employing for a little variety, a compositional device/effect that might well be said to pay specific homage to something similar utilised by Edmund de Waal in certain of his installations, with objects placed both before and behind a translucent surface that forms an element of the display (cabinets or vitrines in de Waal’s case).

Here, a sheet of suitably semi-transparent tracing paper was taped to the underside of the upper of the two shelves about midway across its depth to achieve this ‘blurring’ of two of the model pears placed behind such a ‘screen’, enough of their form visible to suggest their inherent ‘pearness’, with ‘highlights’ occurring where the objects and the reverse of the sheet of tracing paper touched. The other three objects are obviously placed in front of the paper, near the edge of the shelf, the greater physicality with which they are painted analogous to their relative and apparent proximity (whilst the two behind the tracing paper also retain a degree of ‘mark-madeness’ that is intended to suggest the certain quality of unresolved fugitiveness with which they are observed).






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