Cultured Football

Final Score TV screenshot

A happy new year indeed with the sight, observed whilst tuning-in to the BBC’s ‘Final Score’ yesterday afternoon, of the mighty and magnificent Jonathan Meades, whose marvellously idiosyncratic, fiercely intelligent, erudite, opinionated and witty television films, often based on explorations of architectural idioms but expanding to cover a dizzying range of cultural aspects of peoples and places, are the stuff of hero-worship in the parish of TOoT, turning his hand (or more likely foot, under such circumstances) to a spot of goal-scoring during the day’s football fixtures. Ah, the delight of inhabiting alternative universes where such occurrences do actually happen…

Mr Meades, of course, did touch upon the subject of football, and a discerning selection of the small-town names of the Scottish game that exist in the general public consciousness for but a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon when they appear amongst the soccer scores/results lists, during his 2009 series ‘Off Kilter’, so the association is not too fanciful a one to make, perhaps.


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